Dear sun lovers and the children of Mother Gaia — Summer Solstice is here (June 21, 2019) and this is my plan to honor the sun fully in it’s glory this year. Last year was mainly spent outside, feeling the energy radiating between the ground and my limbs, and while I bought sunny flowers to spruce up my apartment, this year, I wanted to do a little more than simply be. Although — this is the best time to be.

As the Summer Solstice is a great reminder that both the Sun and the Moon are equal parts to our whole, the sun aiding in our- ego, aggression, vitality, energy, action, soul purpose, while the moon carries our- emotions, secrets, intuition, psychic gifts, cycles, transformations, spirituality – we need both to feel fulfilled. We need to the dark just as much as we need the night, and as the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, the Sun steps aside for his parter and the days start waning, shorter and shorter until Yule (December 21ist-ish).

Because I am very much a star witch, I want to mesh honoring the physical sun with also honoring my own sun (sign). What you need to do is to first know your sun sign. Learn about your sun sign and know how it relates to your own life and your soul purpose here. Watch my video below to understand the sun sign a little bit better:

After understanding how your own sun sign in astrology (mine being Gemini) relates to your purpose or your core character, you can make my ritual idea into your own!

What you will need to honor the Summer Solstice:

  • Sun Journal (specifically for sun workings)
  • A red pen
  • Nail polish in shades of, red, orange, yellow, pink, or white (whatever you feel associated with the sun the most!)
  • Candle – preferably red, yellow, or white

First, I used a little color magic to paint my fingernails and toes (yellow and red/orange sparkles) and I plan to support reds, oranges, and yellows until the new moon on July 2, 2019. You may also use hot pinks and whites – as these bright and cheery colors may be the interpretation of the sun for you. For me though, it’s red, orange, and yellow all the way, BB! I also will have these colored flowers on my altar to breathe some life into my surroundings. I also suggest wearing whites, reds, yellows, and pinks today! This is the day to bring all that good energy into your own creative look.

This is what I plan to do for Summer Solstice:

Because I couldn’t take this day off, although if you can I suggest it, I do work until 3 pm. I plan to get up really early and watch the sunrise. I’d like to do some exercise to honor my health and vitality by going for a sunrise jog (you could also do yoga which would be the perfect energetic bond). As the sun is coming up and I’m jogging, pushing my body more than I have recently, I plan to give every single step and breath: gratitude. As well as giving thanks to the sun, and all that it provides life, who I know will be showing out during his morning hello!

Journal your Greatness:

Then I plan to sit down and write in my sun journal (yes, I have a sun and a moon journal). It’s very important what you write in these journals because they are essentially specifically for manifesting. I want to write down all the things I absolutely adore about myself. Today is the day to hold back nothing. It’s not the time for modesty, just as the sun rises big and full every day, ready to boast how much energy he has, this is what I plan to do also. Society wants to keep us down by humbling us and keeping us modest, but today is the day to recognize every ounce of GREATNESS within us. As a Gemini, to honor my own sun, I also will contemplate the Gemini qualities that truly make me special. Bring your own sunny power out of your body and into your mind by writing down every single thing you love about yourself.

You can burn you candle here to represent the burning sun that provides us with everything we need if you have time. I’d also then meditate on all the wonderful things about myself. Because I will personally be on a time table this year, I probably won’t light a candle at this time, but if you did, because we will use it later during ritual, please do not blow out the flame but instead snuff it out.

Soak up the sun!

Of course, we are living in 2019, if I didn’t put a warning label on this someone may come for me… So wear sunscreen, a hat, cover up, don’t go directly in the sun. I plan to go to Barton Springs in Austin, TX and soak up the warmth, all while swimming in the pool for the first time this year. To play and have fun with a friend, acknowledging that this life is meant to be enjoyed! Letting myself be free to be a child again and embrace the enjoyment of being outside, moving my body, and simply having fun!

Resting and conserving energy…

I plan to do ritual on Sunday to use this big energy and manifest some good, but I want to observe and acknowledge this big sunny mood instead of using it. For me, this is a huge practice in having an abundant mindset. Sometimes I prefer not to make magick on a specific day because I want to simply be. For me, the midsummer is the perfect time to go back through your yearly tarot reading, check on yourself for the last 6-months and restrategize where you might need to. How far have you come in the last 6-months and how can the next six be used to manifest effectively and efficiently (there go the Virgo and Capricorn in me LOL!). It’s the time to pull out that sun journal again and TRULY reflects on what you want. Instead of doing spellwork, I want to visualize, meditate, and bring up the beautiful emotions to help me possess what is on the way to me for the latter have of the year. During my meditation, I’ll light my candle and really honor the fire of the sun, the energy that is so big and grand that it sustains all life on earth.

After my visualization-meditation, I plan on conserving my energy and watching a movie. Imagine your candle is attracting all that you’ve visualized, like a moth to the flame. Let your candle burn during the movie until it goes out. If it is a large candle like from the Periapt, snuff it once the movie is over, DO NOT BLOW OUT THE FLAME.

I’ve never seen the adaptation of a Midsummer Nights Dream, so I was thinking this might be the perfect time to do so, but I’ll also go with the flow. What I’m most focused on most is putting my feet up, relaxing, and conserving all this big energy that you’ll physically be able to easily feel. You may charge some of your crystals too, like citrine (will fade if left out in the sun too long), tigers eye, ruby, quartz. This will help with ritual as the energy of the sun will help bring our the metaphysical properties of your crystal babies.

Follow the blog so you can see what kind of ritual I do in the upcoming days! I think I’ll be doing a spell to promote my confidence as this last half of the cycle I’ll be working strictly on my lower three chakras.

How do you honor the sun and honor the Summer Solstice?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and what you’ll be doing!!!

Steph Prism