For so long, I have created new year resolutions to hold myself accountable for changing. Although, time and time again, I start off strong and motivated – with a laundry list of new characteristics to take on and activities to stick to – and after a month or so, I windle back to my normal routines. Which prompted an idea! A new type of new years resolution.

Instead of looking at what I want to change, I thought to myself, how about looking at what I’ve accomplished – and grow upon those things. For instance, I quit my 9 to 5 to start my first business, the Periapt. I started doing things for fun, letting go of perfectionism, learning things I thought were interesting, and creating a life that I love to wake up to every day. I focused on developing myself and feel like I’m closer than ever to living my dream life; as a matter of fact, most days I feel as if I already do.

So these are the things to focus on, and the motivation, I believe deep within my heart, will continue because these are all things I adore! So – there’s a new kind of new years resolution – and to be honest, my idea, well it’s a doozy. I want to commit myself to a full year worth of experimentation of new age personal development. I wonder where it will take me and how it will develop me into the person I’m meant to be. I’ve even given my new year’s resolution a name since it’s something I’ll be working on for an entire year!!! I call it….

The Astrology Diet! Now, it’s not the type of diet where you can’t eat bread, cheese, and cookies! It’s a diet of personal development based on the cosmos. As I journeyed into my first real and consistent year of discovering the magic within myself; believing in myself, working with energy, studying divination, and learning more about astrology, this idea popped in my head! Why don’t I really dive deeper into something I love and use it to see how it balances my life! I will be learning more about astrology, by living it! Putting myself into the characteristics of the other zodiac signs, to break out of my comfort zone AND to build upon traits I already possess.

For example, there are 12 houses in the zodiac that dictate a different area of your life, and essentially a different month of the year, connecting body, mind, and spirit. To me, that is the ultimate balance, for we don’t connect to source as purely without a healthy body and our spiritual side cannot thrive without a healthy mind. Then to connect it all, my mind always feels more healthy when my body does too. I have always been interested in astrology and after being introduced to natal charts this year, I’ve been determined to learn how to read them. So in a way, it helps me learn more about a subject I find fun and work on developing myself; mind, body, and soul!

Although I will be doing it out of order, as Aries is the first house native and sign of the zodiac, I wanted to begin as close to 2019 to have an easy way to measure my growth. I will be starting this fun experiment on December 22nd, 2018 – the start of Capricorn season here on the blog, or on my YouTube channel!

Thank you in advance to all that follow along with my astrology journey, and I invite (& challenge!) you to participate in your own personal development experiment!

Sooooo much more to follow!!!! XOXO.