Hello, Aquarius Season! What can I say? YOU, Aquarius, are VERY unique. You are the avant-garde player of the cosmos. Every Aquarius I’ve ever met has seemed to be out-of-this-world different. Your intellectual independence is what really stands out about you. Aquarius is a fixed, air sign. This represents persistence and communication/intellect. Your sign is the water bearer which is the perfect representation of fixed air, as you persist and bring water to new lands aka new ideas and intellect to others. Actually, the water pouring out, traditionally stands for truth, Aquarians are the truth-tellers. You give others your observations, opinions, and knowledge.

Aquarians are ruled by the planet Uranus, which rules change, disruption, and the unconventional! This may be why some Aquarians you know are completely satisfied with who they are, they don’t feel the need to change for societal standards, they make a go of it on their own terms. Aquarians like to be different. They want to stand out and bring their opinions and ideas forth.

It’s interesting because Aquarians are all different. I mean, we are all different, but every Aquarian I’ve been around (which I’m mostly around Aquarians and Libras lol my air brothers and sisters) – they have all been so unique and different from one another. No two Aquarians I know, are the same from an exterior point of view.

There’s the structured artists’ type, the business professional mom with a shock value sense of humor and wild side that just won’t quit, there’s the opinionated politics but very sensitive type, the polyamorous romantic type, the chill, laid back, goat lover type, the fashionable solo traveler and designer type… The list goes on and on, but one thing I’ve found that all Aquarians DO have in common was their deep love for society as a whole.

While they don’t feel the need to live up to societies standards of “how they should act”, they all had a humanitarian side. They care about more than just themselves. Now life gets away from us, so the Aquarians I know may haven’t always had the TIME to be the humanitarians they wished to be, but deep within them – they care deeply about humans as a whole and specific issues that plague our society.

Aquarians have a funny, kind of paradox within their personality, they are very caring, deeply loving, probably one of the friendliest signs of the zodiac, but the Aquarian can come off as extremely cold. While they love people, being alone suits them just fine as well. They like to travel but love to be at home. Aquarians can be pretty outgoing but can also be reserved and even seen as detached.

Because the Aquarius sign is fixed, once an Aquarian has an opinion, it’s very hard to change it. In fact, they may refuse to compromise or give an inch on what they find to be true. They are sensitive, and may feel personally attacked when their opinion or idea is questioned, allowing their sharp tongue to come out and fight.

The Aquarius is a friend maker. Anywhere they go, they are able to meet people and the quality that stands out most with the people they meet is, they are just themselves. The Aquarius is Authentic, unlike the other air signs, Libra and Gemini who tend to need more validation and conform more to their surroundings. Even if Aquarius met their famous crush, they would just be themselves.

Most Aquarians don’t really judge others. They understand that we are all human beings and in that way, we are related. They are more interested in why people do the things they do or what they are thinking, but because they don’t judge they are able to make friends with anyone.

Independence is very important to an Aquarius, which really is why they may come off as cold. They aren’t extremely attached to emotions, and while underneath it all they are deep and loyal people, they still need to feel as if their relationships come with no-strings-attached in order to maintain them. Every Aquarius I have ever met has been the most sensitive person underneath their independent and unique spirit. Deep down, they are very easy to get cut, and when done so, they are quicker to cut you off. The Aquarius can be in love and be okay with never speaking to you again out of pride.

Interestingly enough, the Aquarius, while mostly seen as outgoing, may feel insecure and be shy. They are unsure if the people they care about feel the same way, and may act out in a way that is contrary to what they say for people to like them.

Aquarians have extremely great ideas. They are very creative people, and many of them are artists. However, while they have these ideas, the true Aquarian isn’t interested in hard work. They can be hard workers, but that’ doesn’t mean they like it. They are much more interested in the ideas but not the action to have it take form. The evolved Aquarius may find a way to delegate projects and get everything that needs to get done, done. They are the creator of innovation, but understand other people can help with the parts they do not love.

They do get bored easily, and can sometimes inflate their own importance as a way to stand out and take dominance over others, and be the expert in any room. There is a lot of pride associated with the Aquarius. I have found the most fixed part of an Aquarius is in their pride. When their pride is tested, their ego will take the wheel. They are sharp-witted and in a fight, I’ve found, can be almost as or even more sharp-tongued than a Scorpio.

Nevertheless, Aquarians can be amongst the kindest people you’ll ever meet. They often are slow to take offense, although if you do offend them watch out, and they are very honest. They are absolutely never boring and have an undying loyalty for the people they care most about. They will go to the deepest depths to help their loved ones, when needed.