The Crab. The absolute embodiment of the cancer facts in astrology. When you think of the crab, you can see that this sign is hard, carrying its home with it everywhere, protective, loyal – a sensitive water sign, that lives deep in the ocean, but also comes on land with people. The crab can pinch and hurt, but can also be delicious and soft. Cancer is a cardinal, water sign – the leader of deep emotions and mystery.

Cancer Facts in the Zodiac:

Cancers are sensitive:

The ongoing debate on whether cancers are sensitive or not continues. The final verdict from me is, hell yes, they are so sensitive. Now, some may have a better way of hiding in their shell, and not showing it to the world, but Cancers are deeper than they lead on. In fact, they are so deep, it frightens them and there are probably not too many people they open up to completely. In fact, they may feel out of place in society – but they are cunning, they can hide behind their shell – the walls they put up to not potentially get hurt, so they know how to fit into almost any social situation they may find themselves in. Their emotions run deep through them, but I mean, they are ruled by the moon, the priestess of our emotions! Cancer emotions are linked to their being, and while they may not take things seriously to your face or show that they are hurt, they easily get their ego bruised or become sensitive to peoples criticism.

This sensitivity also makes them amazing healers, empaths, and psychics. The fact that they can easily feel others emotions because they themselves are so in tune with their own, Cancers are able to fix problems for others. Any Cancer I have ever known has always had an answer to a problem I’d shared. Cancers, following Gemini, are very quick-witted and intelligent. Just because they are sensitive to forces beyond what we may see, and in tune with their emotions, does not mean they don’t know how to handle their shit in public. They are great at putting on a facade that they are confident, amazing, outgoing, determined, can-do-anything-type-creatures, and granted: they are all of these things and so much more, but when they go home at night, you can bet your ass they are thinking about things that occurred throughout the day, analyzing themselves, what someone said about them, what they could have done better, and they are prone to bringing themselves down with this kind of thinking. Cancers should always talk highly of themselves, as they can easily fall into the rut of self-doubt.

Cancers are moody:

Let’s get the known facts out of the way — yes, dear Cancer, you can be quite moody and we still love you for it. The way I depict Cancer is not the type to have on the drop of a dime mood-swings like Gemini, their predecessor, but their moods are unpredictable. Cancers do need time to process and reflect and can often be introverts or homebodies. NOT that they aren’t outgoing in the world and know how to put o an extroverted front. Ruled by the moon, they go through very distinct cycles and need to be given time to swell and rest. Just like all the water signs, they can sting with their words. Cancers are fun and extremely loving, but if you are close and happen to cross them, it might be a cold day in hell before you are able to get back to a place you once were with them. Cancers, when they have feelings for you are extremely loyal and will go to the ends of the earth for the ones they love, but don’t ever break up with a Cancer until you are good and ready to be done, because that pain may cause them to never, ever, truly forgive you. They will move on. This is for any type of relationship, love or platonic. Cancers are great at staying friends and keeping people how have hurt them at arms reach, but to gain the trust of a Cancer twice, is a lifetime commitment. Because of how deep their emotions run, I find that Cancers are better at hurting people than Scorpios. For instance, a Cancer can play around with you, laughing having a good time, and then in a snap start joking (but also being serious) about something they think is wrong with you or that is a vulnerable spot for you, which cuts deep. You still love them, because even though it hurt, they presented the information in a positive light – but it leaves you feeling open to being knocked down.

Cancers are not direct:

Do not expect a Cancerian to be direct, AT ALL! Have you seen a crab walk before? They walk sideways and diagonally past their targets, just to swing back around and make a connection when they feel that all danger is out of sight. They are not direct people. Although, they do have a passive way of being blunt, when they want something, they realize that the way of least resistance is not always straight on. This is one of the most difficult signs to understand because of their approach at things. They are a cardinal sign, so they do have beautiful leadership qualities and are naturally great at taking the reigns, so don’t be confused with the fact that their natural born leaders, they just always assume the path with the least amount of potential danger.

Cancers are family oriented:

All Cancers that I’ve ever known are family oriented. Usually, they have a very close relationship with their mother, even if they are not close, but they have a very special bond. You may find that the Cancerian motto is, “Blood is thicker than water.” This can be hard as a friend or a spouse because even when married or in a serious relationship, Cancer’s family will always come first. Something that the unevolved Cancer should be mindful of, especially when married. Cancers are very close to their family and may even be best friends with their parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews, etc. This can also relate to the family a Cancer has chosen. If by chance a Cancer was raised in a traumatic household, their heart will always cling to their own family, BUT they will also find their own group in the world and then hold on tightly to them.

Cancers need validation:

This is something that the Cancerian person detests about themselves, but it doesn’t make it less true. Cancers need validation. They need to the outside world to tell them how great they’re doing, how beautiful or handsome they are… They truly need a little pep talk here and there to keep their judgment of self at bay. I have known so many Cancers that were confident and able to go out into the world and do big things, but their sensitivity always brings them back to thinking if they just changed this one thing… they could have done or been better… Cancers need us to give them a little extra love sometimes. They are a caring sign and they need to be cared for in return.

Cancers are misunderstood:

This is the biggest trait of Cancers. We are all taught that cancers are sensitive so they cry a lot. While I have known Cancers to be emotional and let the water works fly, I have also met a lot of Cancers who do not cry. Cancerian people hold a LOT of pride within them. They are a misunderstood sign, because while they are sensitive, they are also strong. They rule the breasts and the stomach. Cancers love food and feel that this home remedy can always make them feel better. If you look at their glyph, two crab claws, and their depiction of the crab, you will see this is the perfect representation of Cancer.

Cancer, the crab, is a homebody. While they may be very outgoing, they also love to be at home. Their home is their safe space, and you may find that the Crab is very particular about feeling cozy within their space. They probably have the most comfortable bed you’ve ever laid on, plants, good-looking furnishings, but also ones that are usable and not just for show… The crab carries it’s home on its back; it’s always at home… Its’ home is also its’ protection. The hard shell that the crab has to cover its sensitive, and delicious, underbelly, is the perfect representation of Cancer. Cancers don’t often leave themselves exposed to get hurt. In fact, they believe strongly in hurting a person before getting hurt. They can snap and hurt you easily, but they really don’t want to. They want to live their lives, be with their family, work, and go about their business… The unevolved Cancer who denies themselves the opportunity to feel vulnerable though, misses out on the greatest happiness they could imagine, just in the name of being safe.

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