Yall are living life to the fullest through a great work ethic, a great stature, keeping your head up high – no matter what happens. You are the definition of perseverance and there are many things to look up to you for.

CAPRICORN season lasts from December 22 to January 19. Considered the father of the zodiac, the sea-goat is native to the tenth house, the House of Career.

Most astrologers would agree that Capricorns can be WORKAHOLICS. It’s no secret that they crave stability for themselves and also, for their families. They are motivated to take care of their loved ones. They are a very misunderstood sign, as even though they are hard working and the definition of perseverance, they are also extremely loyal – and they play just as hard as they work. There is no grey area with this sign – life is black and white.

This means Caps go hard in all that they do; even those lazy old goats, they do lazy better than the rest. 

From my experience though, Capricorns ARE ambitious in one way or another. At their core, they do crave stability, and we must keep in mind that as humans we are complex creatures. Our sun sign, is not what defines us to the core. These are simply qualities we possess, but depending on our other placements, we may be different than described.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations, also known as the ‘Father of Time’ – they are very good with time, and Capricorns use time to their advantage. They take patience to a whole different level than most. They wait for what they want. Their vision is long-term over short-term. 

They can be seen as melancholy, stern, which makes them a bore. While this is actually not true at all, it stems mostly from the fact that they have no time to deal with other peoples problems or masks they put on. If they feel you are true, they have an easier time opening up. Otherwise, they don’t HAVE to open up, like other signs feel the need to. This can in fact make them the ‘loner’ of the zodiac. While this sounds harsh, it is not. They don’t mind solitude and sometimes even prefer silence over chaos. They are quite extroverted in social settings and very charismatic, in fact, some astrologers call them social climbers, and they are damn good at it. Capricorns are very selective of the people around them, and while some may see them as a loner, as a negative, they see it as a positive.

Their motto is I USE… While astrologers say this can be for status climbing, as in using people, while this can be the case (especially marrying for status) it can also be how they use all of their abilities, creative and analytical. They are able to organize creative abilities and create something to put into the physical world. Some have called this their super-power!

Capricorns are great at planning and organizing. Because they are disciplined and so incredibly amazing at breaking their large goals into smaller steps! Even if they have to walk 100,000 miles, they know that they will never pass the finish line without one foot in front of the other.

This sign is an earth sign and a cardinal sign, meaning they have strong opinions but aren’t rooted too deeply into the ground to let them go if facts come to surface, that in fact, their opinion doesn’t stand with their morals or truth. With this cardinal energy, Capricorns take a lot initiative in the physical world.