January affirmations are here and they are based on the Astrology Diet, for Capricorn Season! HEY, CAPS, HEY! I personally have a Capricorn moon, my father is a Capricorn, and I have had many Cap friends, and sometimes they get a bad rep for ”using” people to further their own agenda. The Capricorn motto is, “I use…”

This can be misconstrued for actually using people and situations (in a manipulative way) to climb the social ladder. However, I have found this is not the case from the Capricorns I know. Capricorns are amazing and using what they have, to further their own self!! Although they can be colder than other zodiac signs, they are not malicious people. They are self-starters, doers, and rely on themselves to get things done. So there are many things to be said about how we use. We should be using. For example, we should use our words, experiences, connections, abilities, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses to make the most out of our magic within!

Keep these things in mind this month as we focus more on our abilities,

relying on ourselves more,

& getting ourselves organized.

I find that saying affirmations works WONDERS when I use them every day. I have seen fancy routines and rituals that recommend saying each affirmation 5x in the mirror for 5 days straight, and the rewiring in your brain will start to show you the manifestation of these qualities. However, I personally like to repeat my affirmations to me in the shower. You can find the corresponding Youtube Video, here, so you don’t have to memorize them right away. I suggest playing the January Affirmation videos while you shower, and imagine the shower being a beautiful light, washing away any type of negativity in your aura and being. As you say these affirmations, allow yourself to feel them deeply within you.

Comment below on your favorite way to use affirmations! Also, if you are on the Astrology Diet too, please comment below on how these affirmations made you feel during Capricorn Season and if you saw different qualities come to fruition. Always remember —

You are worthy,