Hello Moon Bunny. What do you need to know about the New Moon in Capricorn? You’ve come to the right place. Here is a general reading of what you should know about this moons energy. For more personal readings, please visit our shop and book a tarot/energy reading, here.

First, you should know, this new moons energy is with the perfect timing. Also, we are entering an eclipse season, as we will be experiencing a solar eclipse during this moon. This will make the energy of the new moon stronger than normal.

New Moon energy is PERFECT for new beginnings. Even more so being in Capricorn with a solar eclipse, with the supercharged energy. This is going to be on January 5th – 6th. We will need clarity, focus, and faith in ourselves. This is even more so because if we put in the work now, we WILL see success. Capricorn is a harder worker, a project manager, and gets stuff done. Solar eclipse energy really works for the next 6-months, so it’s time to get off the couch, scrolling through social media and get shit done.

Let’s break down these themes of this New Moon in Capricorn.


What do you need to be clear about??? Well — everything you are manifesting. If you can 1. not envision it to a detailed extent, you may not even want it bad enough. 2. You have to know what you even want.

For example, if I’m setting the intention of “I want a better job”, but I don’t even know why I want a better job, I just think I deserve more money or because I’m bored where I am, well it’s going to be very hard to receive it. The more clarifying intention would be – I want a job that brings my life purpose. You may not know what that means yet, but it’s much more clear. You are manifesting a job that brings more purpose into your life. That way, money doesn’t matter as much, because you will be doing something you are meant to do, and you won’t feel stagnant because again, you’re aligned with your soul.

Get more in touch with yourself and understand what is it that you actually want out of life. What are you missing, what are you craving, listen to yourself, what are you needing??? Be clear and detailed.


It’s time to get focused and plan the direction we need to go. Now, it’s important to understand, we are taking baby steps to move forward, but we still need to know obstacles may arise that make us rethink our planning. We need to start taking responsibility for our decisions and actions. You can justify doing something (or not doing something), but if you use this super energy to propel you, be responsible and mature about where you are putting your focus. It’s time to get it. The beginning is here and if you can stay determined and keep your blinders on, your focus is going to get you going.


This is two fold. Faith in what can and will happen, as well as, faith in yourself. YOU must believe that you are worthy of this new beginning, this change that will take you down a different path of your life. You must also believe and trust that this choice can and will manifest. The law of attraction only works when you believe in it, otherwise you are not vibrating on the proper frequency of what you want. Something can not seem so grand that it would be unattainable, otherwise you push it away. Give yourself gratitude for being such a powerful being. Feel the energy flowing through you and know you can make anything happen.

So what do you need to know to use this New Moon energy more easily?

Time to pick a card and find out. Please see below, which card speaks to you most. Scroll down to read group 1, group 2, or group 3.

Group 1

You are aligned with your beginning. You are the start and you know it, you can feel the energy buzzing!!! If you needed a sign validating what you’re going after… here it is. You are absolutely going to succeed in what you are doing as you received the 4 of staves & the void (dark moon). Know that everything was created out of nothing. This Universe, time, space, creatures, humans, experiences, they all came from the void, from nothing, from the darkness, and yet here you are, about to embark on a decision that will bring much success, happiness, love, fulfillment, etc, depending on what area of your life it is.

Stick to these themes (clarity, focus, faith) and you will have no problems. When an obstacle arises, simply remember to believe in yourself and what you are accomplishing. Also, to focus on the end goal, so if there is an obstacle that is blocking you, let’s say in your career, focus and remap your plan.

Group 2

You are aligned with Capricorn energy, that’s for sure. Make sure that you are really taking into consideration good choices, wise decisions, and really thinking things through mentally, physically, and emotionally. Don’t let just one part of yourself rule your decision-making process. You may even be bound to something, whether that be an addiction of some sorts (ie. love, drugs/alcohol, shopping, negativity…) but you can break free. You have to make the choice to do so. You have to stop judging others and yourself so negatively. Break free from your own chains. You are too concerned with your material desires and physical pleasures. Start thinking outside of those things. For instance, if you are someone that is very much into the material realm of this life, you want nice things, lots of money, and you are constantly making decisions based on these things, it’s time to stop. Start having fun! Start enjoying things because you are here to experience and learn.

Even though there is a lot of focused energy right now, remember to enjoy the process and the journey. Let go of societal pressures and find what you love and enjoy it.

Group 3

Make sure to do extra gratitude work. Go within and find the wisdom deep inside of yourself. What is everything that you should be grateful for? Write as many things down (‘big’ or ‘small’) as possible! Get grateful!!! Unblock all of your chakras. Be grateful for not only things outside of your body, but also things within. Whether that be the organs and cells of your body or the knowledge and experiences that have brought you wisdom. To help you manifest this cycle (and the next 6-months) meditate on how much you should be thankful for. Not only should you recognize all that you’ve been blessed with, but also feeling how gorgeous your life is through-out your entire body. Feel the joy, and laugh with happiness at how blessed you are.

Gratitude is going to be very important for you to manifest and bring exactly what you want to you. Don’t forget to put in the extra work to own your power more strongly.

Happy New Moon in Capricorn.

Comment below if you’d like me to share my moon rituals or what you do to honor your magick within.

You are worthy. ILY.