Pisces season is from February 19th to March 20th. Pisces is such an interesting sign, as they are native to the 12th, or last, house. Some astrologers say the embody all the signs into one. Also, they are known to be the most intuitive and have a connection with not only this world but also other realms we may not physically be able to see or experience. They are ruled by Neptune. Neptune is the planet that rules illusion, glamour, mystery, deception, imagination, dreams, and spirituality.

Pisces is the mutable, water sign which means they are very adaptable and flexible. An evolved Pisces has the ability to understand every different stance and sensitivity. The un-evolved Pisces on the flip side, takes things very personal and is one to hold grudges when wronged, unable to see from anothers point of view. To me, this is why they are known as a very sensitive sign, and can be quite emotional. As a matter of fact, they are sensitive to all energies and an un-evolved Pisces has a hard time understanding their own energy vs someone else who has unloaded their own on the said twin fish. Pisces is very passionate and their emotions do become heightened because of this. They are naturally one of the most creative signs in the zodiac and should use creative outlets on the pursuit of evolution.

Pisces don’t always need to be in a creative job, although they would do well in one. They could possibly be in health care or some kind of healer role, as they do have an ideal way of life and want to help serve others. Creativity may be the better route however because they are self-serving and when not evolved, feel the need to have people see their point of view instead of using their abilities as a superpower and understanding others. Pisceans do struggle with self-esteem and can become way too self-conscious of moves they make, making creative outlets hard for them, as they are afraid of the judgment of others.

Pisces also struggle a lot with procrastination. I personally believe that it has to do with self-esteem, they make excuses to put something they are naturally great at, in order to not fail or be rejected, but there may be other reasons for this. Some astrologers have said that because Pisces live in their own fantasy, and not always in the physical world, they have a tendency to be lazy. This laziness really stems from escapism. They want to escape their responsibilities. Some astrologers say they are prone to alcoholism or drug addiction, which I have known Pisces to turn to the bottle to get rid of bad feelings, only instead of feeling worse in the end, but most Pisceans I know become addicted to anxiety or depression. How does one become addicted to these terrible feelings? Well, just like anything, we can crave the victim mentality and a lot of times, Pisces fall into this trap of feeling as if the world is not a fair place, that they are special and that no one understands how special they are, thus victimizing how life happens to them and not taking responsibility for their own Universe.

However, when a Pisces is evolved, they can be the most supportive sign, EVER. They want to see others win and they want people to be happy. They seek love and affection, and also are able to give love and affection easily. In relationships, they are such a cheerleader and think positively of their partner. They can easily ignore the red flags or negatives of their partner, and help support them in ways that helps their own partners evolve.

Because they are known to be linked to the spiritual world, they do make great psychics and even mediums. Pisceans should practice and evolve their own spirituality to help connect with a side of themselves that is very strong. For instance, if Pisces is in your north node, your life lesson is to learn how to have faith, to have trust in the heavenly father, celestial mother, the universe, God, whatever you want to call it, this is your mission. To learn how to have faith, to trust in something other than yourself and really understand that you are one with the Universe, instead of a separate entity. Having Pisces in any part of your chart may be great if you are trying to grow your intuition or feel that you have a strong intuition or psychic abilities. Let’s be frank, we all have some kind of 6th sense, that gut feeling if you will, and like any other muscle it can be worked out, if you have Pisces in your chart, it may be easier for you to grow.

Pisceans are very sweet, making great lovers and friends. Like all water signs, they do have a way to cut you where it hurts, if they feel as if you deserve that. I would stay on the good side of ANY water sign. They are the ones that will throat punch you for hurting them, and take enjoyment in watching you double over in pain. Be good to your Pisces people and they will be good to you.