Have you made a vision board before? Or maybe you’ve thought about making one but never really took the time to do it. Vision boards aren’t for everyone, but they are a great way to start the visualization process, which goes hand-in-hand with manifesting.

What is a vision board? In short – it’s a physical representation of things you see for yourself in your life.

What is a vision board good for? A vision board is great for manifesting, as you can easily look at your dreams and start the visualization process in your mind.

Visualization has been studied and found to be AS or almost AS EFFECTIVE as doing a particular action. The mind is powerful. The mind wants you to be successfut, but it also wants to protect you. With that said, sometimes it needs to be rewired to understand you are worthy of what you desire. On the other hand, when you visualize and FEEL that you already have what you want, the mind goes through the motions of what it would be like to have it.

Visualization tells your subconscious mind what it should go after and your subconscious will start figuring it out.

Using the power of visualization, you are able to overcome beliefs of reality and what we learn as – what is. When using your imagination you release boundaries such as money, time, abilities, etc. Opening yourself up to this alternate reality helps to rewire your brain from thinking you can’t achieve something, or it may be too large a dream to attain, to how possible anything can be!

A vision board helps us make the decision of what we want, which is a key step. It also helps us see our decisions more easily in our mind. We are a visual species, but there are techniques to help the manifestation process that are key.

This isn’t a slap-some-photos-on-poster-board-and-boom-magick!

Before discussing techniques, we need to create a vision board. You can create as many as need. You need to do what feels right for you, trust your intuition when creating it, but most importantly, don’t limit yourself to what you feel you can accomplish. The whole point is to dream big.

Creating a Vision Board

Vision Board Materials

  • Poster Board (2 sheets)
  • Glue
  • Optional: Stickers, Glitter, Lace, Flowers, Anything you can glue down lol
  • Pictures:
    • From all sectors of the life: home, friends, career, clothes, inspiration, quotes, love, photos of you, material things, travel destinations… Pretty much ANYTHING that you want to manifest into your life.

***Pictures and inspiration you use need to be specific! It also needs to be something you ACTUALLY want… If you like a car, but don’t actually care to get it – don’t be surprised when it doesn’t come to you. It’s okay to want or not want materialistic things.

Step One: The Vision

What do you want your board to be about? Career, relationships/family, general, or a little mix of all? I like to mix it all up to look at it as a whole and all at once.

Step Two: The Visuals

Collect photographs and pictures from the internet or magazines to paste on your board. I like to keep this inexpensive, so I find all my photos from Google searches. However, get creative. Google fitness and find a body you like, and cut out your face! Or find different places to travel to and put yourself in the photo. This is your life in pictures, make it about you.

Also, if you aren’t using magazines, don’t forget inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and understanding your own magic. These will help you expand your mind when feeling doubtful.

Step Three: Creating Sacred Space

Gather all your supplies and create sacred space. This is the life you are creating in the physical world, so make sure to create a love and comfortable space for you to do so. The energy that you vibrate will help make it more powerful.

Step Four: Create Your Board

This is the fun part! Dive right in and let your creative juices flow. I like to place the different aspects of my life in the same areas, but you organize it the way you need to. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Use your intuition to guide you on how to set it all up. I like to add extra textures like glitter, paint, lace, photographs, to really bring your vision(s) into the real world.

The next big step is visualizing… Check out visualizing tips in the next blog post…

I hope this helps you understand the basics of why a vision board is so important and what it’s used for. Also, I hope you know how to put it together confidently.