We will be seeing the New Moon in Cancer accompanied by a solar eclipse. This happens because the moon is passing in-between the earth (in-front of the earth) and the sun. This energy is ‘darkening’ or ‘shadowing’ the sun, which in terms of ourselves can help bring things we are hiding, emotions, thoughts, desires, to the surface. With that said though, we may not realize what we are hiding deep down, so this may feel like a new occurrence or a ‘chaotic’ epiphany.

We are closing out one chapter and beginning another. It is important this New Moon to write down new goals, journal, get those feelings that are coming to the surface out. Don’t let them linger within you anymore. It’s time to be true to yourself, more than ever before. Resistance will only cause trouble at this moment. The revelations you may be revealing about yourself are not negotiable. These are things you desire, even sexually you may feel a little kinky during this time… and you should be free to express what turns you on.

Try something new — let your creativity flow freer than ever before. If you are afraid of what you feel – then please expect a bumpy ride. Especially with the new moon in Cancer, this energy wants us to get in touch with our innermost feelings. If you are having trouble with this transit, it may be because you don’t deem your emotions worthy. Take a good hard look through your awareness glasses and see if this is the case. Your emotions aren’t there to be swallowed, you need to be open and honest about your feelings and let yourself feel worthy of them.

This is the time to do shadow work. To look within yourself and see what’s really been going on beneath the surface of your exterior self. Throughout the day, you will want to take a good look at what you are feeling and what comes up. This energy and moment in time can bring about huge amounts of self-discovery.

Using this energy will not to be for outward power, money, career themes, or getting ahead in life… This will be single handedly for your own self. Your intuition will also be heightened with the power of the sun, bringing fire energy to your watery depths. Usually water extinguishes fire, but here it is using it at fuel to boil and bring all that needs to be accepted and understood.

Due to the solar eclipse, some of us may experience huge changes in our life. Because this is a Cardinal sign moon, Cancers, Libras, and Capricorns may see more random change than others. These changes may be deemed as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ – but always for the best of the individual. The eclipse pushes us outside of our comfort zone and to force us to grow.

Whether you are thrown a ‘wild-card’ due to this eclipse, or not, this is not something to be frightened of. This energy and upcoming events are for you completely and utterly to advance and integrate fully within yourself; to become more whole. Feeling this wholeness during this high energetic time will help you manifest all that you want, especially in the realm of what makes you emotionally happy, family, friends, communication, children, and the feelings that you have within yourself.

You run the risk of projecting on to loved ones and friends if you are not open and honest about your own emotions and feelings, so be warned that if you are not bringing awareness to yourself, you run the tendency to be very clingy, needy, possessive, especially towards lovers or loved ones such as children. It’s time to take responsibility of our inner self, own our magic, and be nurturing to the energy we put out into the Universe and the collective consciousness.